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When seeing is believing, we create converts.

At Get More Media, we believe our community deserves more content, in their language, about their culture.  No other communication medium harbors more power to move, motivate or educate, and at Get More Media, we are passionate about it.


The depth of craft we employ is a direct, yet often unconscious, reflection on your brand. The inherent emotion of the script, the rich, cinematic texture of the imagery, and the polished luster of post-production visuals and sound coalesce to create memorable moments in time.


On television, on an event floor, or on the top of your home page, purpose-built video piques curiosity, invokes emotion, and creates distinction.

Get More Media ready to offer the best quality content with our cultural narrative. 

Meet us

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Veronica Gallardo


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Raul Dominguez

VP of Production

Executive Producer


Jorge Alvarado

Coming soon. . . 

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