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El Precio del Amor


“El Precio del Amor” is a reality show where people get to test their partner's loyalty. These couples can be randomly selected on the street, giving anyone the opportunity to participate in the show.

Each test has a cash value and as they advance the risk and price rise. The production of the program will place hidden cameras to capture every movement of these tests. Third parties such as actors, friends of the one who is participating, etc. will be used to be part of the game without the participant knowing that they are being watched.

The program is hosted by Jose Luis Gonzalez, a well-known host of the international Talk Show: “Jose Luis Sin Censura” (aired in USA, Puerto Rico and some countries in Latin America) and of the reality shows “Rica Famosa Latina” (Estrella TV & Netflix) and “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento” (Estrella TV).


Jose Luis has extensive experience of interviewing all kinds of guests and personalities, getting the best out of them for the benefit of TV viewer.


This show lasts 1 hour with the possibility of being daily or weekly. It can be recorded anywhere in the country.

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